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Gifts & Homeware
Autumn Gift & Home Fair, Citywest Event Centre, Dublin - 19-22 August 2018 - Stand F14
Adare Footed Candle Bowl
CODE: 2011315
SIZE: 16.5cm diameter
GIFT BOX: One piece, includes Ivory Pillar Candle, 73mm x 100mm
DESCRIPTION: Adare Footed Candle Bowl
Adare Decanter and 4 Whiskeys

CODE: 2011330
SIZE:Decanter 750cc, Whiskey 310cc
GIFT BOX: 5 piece
DESCRIPTION: Adare 5 piece Decanter Set - Decanter and 4 Whiskey Glasses

Platinum Diana Ball Candleholders

CODE: 401501
SIZE: 2000cc
GIFT BOX: 1 piece
DESCRIPTION: Platinum Diana Wine Decanter

Monaco Ball Candelholders

CODE: 1002284
SIZE: 25cm height
GIFT BOX: Pair - two 75mm diameter, Ivory Ball Candles included
DESCRIPTION: Monaco Ball Candelholders

Gradual Plating 7 Piece Flute
CODE: 10260
SIZE: Vase 15.8cm height, Flute Glass 140cc
GIFT BOX: Set 6 Flutes & Vase
DESCRIPTION: Gradual Plating 7 Piece Flute

Purple Bubble Ball Candleholder
CODE: 1031015
SIZE: 16cm height
GIFT BOX: 1 piece - 75mm diameter, Ivory Ball Candle included.
DESCRIPTION: Purple Bubble Ball Candleholder

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